Launched in 2019, Mycelyum was founded with a mission to share the rich history of functional mushrooms and rethink/reframe mainstream assumptions about these powerful superfoods. Our passion for the power of mushrooms inspires us to develop products that can be easily integrated into our customer’s daily life, and that are surprisingly tasty.

Proudly Canadian, Mycelyum offers a natural way to deliver ancient knowledge to proactive people searching for improved well-being.

Joy Dutcher, Mycelyum Co-founder, mushroom gummies, functional mushroom gummies


Say hello to Joy! Born and raised in Vancouver, Joy grew up camping and enjoying the rain across the Pacific Northwest. Obsessed with both candy and personal performance hacking, Joy was inspired to start Mycelyum with Jimmy after being diagnosed with ADD superpowers in her mid-30s. Her desired to make functional mushrooms tasty is a driving force in our ingredient research, product development and taste testing.




Say hello to Jimmy! For over 20 years, Jimmy has been driven by the desire for a thorough understanding of the connections between body, mind, and spirit.  This journey has taken him from Eastern Medical Theory to Osteopathy to Functional Mushrooms! Seeing the enormous health benefits that functional mushrooms have made personally, with family, friends and our dogs, Mycelyum was spawned.