Our Story

Established in 2019, Mycelyum is dedicated to sharing the rich history and health benefits of functional mushrooms by making them accessible to a health-focused and health-curious audience who may be new to functional mushrooms. Our products are surprisingly tasty and can be easily integrated into our daily lives.

We develop products that consider the impact of how all of the ingredients affect our health holistically and the regenerative impact of the ingredients and materials on our planet.

We are building our business focusing on sustainable growth that gives as much or more back to our mycelial community: local community, cultivators, industry partners, team members.

Proudly Canadian, we are grateful for the multicultural wisdom communities that have influenced our understanding of holistic health. Mycelyum honours Traditional Chinese Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine and First Nations traditions as we offer modern ways to deliver ancient knowledge to proactive people searching for improved well-being.

Joy Dutcher, CoFounder + CEO

Jimmy Zuzinjak, CoFounder


Joy’s mushroom journey started when she was diagnosed with VAST or Variable Attention Stimulus Trait (ADHD in old school terms) in her mid 30s and Jimmy recommended she look into functional mushrooms for a dietary approach to improving brain health. With her background in manufacturing operations, HR and marketing / business development, Joy drives Mycelyum’s strategic growth.


For over 20 years, Jimmy has been driven by the desire for a thorough understanding of the connections between body, mind, and spirit.  This journey has taken him from Eastern Medical Theory to Manual Osteopathy. With his holistic health background, Jimmy drives Mycelyum’s product innovation.


Seeing the enormous health benefits that functional mushrooms have made for us personally, with our family, friends and our dogs, Mycelyum is developing functional mushroom foods for the entire family.