Cordyceps militaris have orange-red club-shaped fruiting bodies that — in the wild — grow out of young insects in the ground.

However, most supplements are grown on farms without the use of insects. Cultivated varieties grow on grains, such as brown rice and are vegan. This is the Cordyceps variety we use at MYCELYUM.

Cordyceps are so highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine that they were exclusively available to the emperor’s family in ancient China. They have traditionally been used as an adaptogen and immunosupportive supplement to support the kidney and lung systems.*

Boosts Energy

One of the most undeniable health benefits of cordyceps is its ability to significantly boost energy levels. It has long been known among athletes for the bursts of energy it can provide. It increases the amount of oxygen uptake in the body and enhances cellular energy production, thereby providing that extra push for people who need a shot of energy.*

Protects Heart Health

Research on the effects of cordyceps has come up with many exciting results, especially in relation to cardiovascular health. One study showed that patients given cordyceps were significantly less likely to suffer heart failure, mainly due to the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that can prevent heart arrhythmias.*

Balances Cholesterol

Cordyceps helps LDL (bad) cholesterol levelsgo down and HDL (good) cholesterol levels go up. Effectively protecting the heart and endocrine system, as well as boosting metabolism. It also prevents atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.*

Improves Breathing

Cordyceps is able to increase the amount of oxygen taken in by the lungs, and while this is helpful for athletes, it is also beneficial for those suffering from respiratory conditions, such as asthma or chronic bronchitis.*

Anti-aging Properties

Cordyceps have powerful concentrations of anti-aging compounds that can help rejuvenate the skin, eliminate dead or dying cells, and improve the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and age spots, effectively shaving years off your life!*

Strengthens Immunity

Cordyceps directly stimulate the production of NK cells (Natural killer cells), which are one of the body’s first lines of defense against infection and illness. These immunoprotective effects help against a wide range of diseases.*

Improves Libido

Cordyceps impact sexual dysfunction in men. Numerous studies have shown that men suffering from low levels of sexual energy or poor libido saw clear improvement after adding its herbal supplements to their diet.*

May Have Anticancer Potential

People are always looking for the next big solution in the battle against cancer, and some of the unique biochemical compounds found in cordyceps certainly fit the bill in that respect. A collaborative research by the National Yang-Ming University, China suggests that there have been direct correlations between the consumption of Cordyceps sinensis and tumor size reduction. With the antitumor activity, it can help slow the spread of cancer and work as a great aid for people suffering from this disease.*

Cordyceps are a source of very beneficial bioactive compounds which, according to a 2015 study are able to decrease cell proliferation and induce apoptosis in lung cancer cell lines.*

Research conducted by a couple of medical institutes at Korea found that the extract of cordyceps is very potent in inhibiting the growth of the tumor and can help in slowing the spread of colorectal cancer.*

Studies also show that cordyceps extracts are helpful in preventing lung cancer.*

Very few research studies are out but one 2008 paper suggests that cordyceps help in reversing the side effects of cancer therapy like leukopenia. Leukopenia is a condition where the white blood cell count (WBC) in the body decreases, which actually makes you prone to infection. Studies on human subjects are yet to be done but the results look very promising.*

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Historically, Cordyceps have been used
to boost athletic energy, manage
cholesterol and regulate hormones.*

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