Why do you use sugar in your gummies?

We get asked all the time why we use sugar. We’ve actually tested 23 other sweetener options and organic cane sugar and tapioca syrup have always made the most sense for our priorities: transparent labeling, safe digestion, and predictable blood sugar impact.

We use organic cane sugar for a couple of reasons.

  1. Transparent Labeling – All Vegan Gummies are Primarily Carbs
    The main ingredient in all vegan gummies are carbohydrates, whether that means sugars, syrups, purees, juices, starches, or other sweeteners. The carbohydrates create the volume and texture of gummies. If we used potent, low FODMAP sweeteners like Stevia and Monk Fruit to reduce our cane sugar, we would still need to add syrup or starches to create the volume and texture of the gummy, effectively increasing the carbs in the gummy again. 

    For the past few years, manufacturers have been able to use complex carb sweeteners like inulin and dietary fibres without describing them as ‘sugar’. Canadian labeling regulations changed so that as of 2021, all sweetening ingredients including powdered sugars, syrups, fibre syrups, purees, juice concentrates and the like are to be listed as a ‘sugar’, because they metabolize into blood glucose just like sugar does.


  1. To Maintain Safe Digestion
    Some of the dietary fibre syrups used in 'low sugar' gummies are complex carbohydrates and can take longer to digest, but they still increase blood sugar levels. The are also high FODMAP ingredients which means they can create gas, bloating and pain during their extended digestion time. This digestive distress would inhibit our bodies from absorbing the mushrooms effectively


  1. To Be Transparent about Blood Sugar Impact
    While many ‘low’ or ‘no’ sugar gummies claim to be low carbs, they still contain mostly carbohydrates that metabolise into simple sugars in our bodies. Using them can reduce the ‘net carb’ calculation for the ingredient label, but our body still processes the complex carbs and our blood sugar levels will be affected. We want to be transparent that people’s blood sugar levels can be affected by our gummies, like they would any gummy. The ‘low’ and ‘no’ sugar gummies on the market have been misleading for people who specifically need to manage their blood sugar levels. We don’t want to contribute to that confusion.

Are Mycelyum mushroom products legal?

Yes, all of the ingredients in our gummies are 100% legal with a long history of consumption in Canada, Asia, and Eastern Europe. 

Can I take your products over the border?

Yes, our gummies can be taken over the Canadian border by land, air, and sea.

We regularly ship our gummies to the United States.

Are your gummies psychedelic?

No. Our gummies are do not use psychedelic, magic, or psychotropic mushrooms. They are not psychedelic in any way and are safe to eat before working, driving and any other activities.

Can I take these products while pregnant or nursing?

Functional mushrooms have been consumed by pregant women in cultures around the world.

According to Health Canada, we must recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before consuming any Mycelyum products if you are pregnant or nursing.

Do you offer samples?

The best way to try our gummies is to pick up our Sample Box or come and say hello at our events and farmers' markets

Can I combine mushrooms?

We recommend beginning with 2 gummies per day of any of the products, so you can get a feel for how each mushroom affects you.

Once you are comfortable with each mushroom, feel free to add the other mushroom gummies for a compounded positive effect!

The mushrooms all work well together and there are no issues with consuming a number of the mushrooms each day.

What is the shelf life of products?

As sealed packages, our gummies currently have a 12 month shelf life as verified by our third party testing.

Our products have been tested to ensure they are food safe and do not need to be refrigerated. They also taste better at room temperature!

(Cool temperatures and limit the flavour experience of some foods.)

Each bag also has a batch number and product expiry date to ensure our batch production, ingredients and shelf life are traceable. 

How do you make your gummies?

Well that's a trade secret!

We developed our current gummy formulation over 3 years, testing more ingredients than we care to remember to ensure that:

  • Our ingredients are not misleading. Some companies are replacing ingredients like sugar with other sweeteners that still increase blood sugar levels and create insulin resistance. But by marketing the gummies as 'no sugar' or 'low sugar', they are inferring they will not increase your blood sugar levels or inflammation in your body. Unfortunately, they often do.
  • Our ingredients are low FODMAP, so they won't cause digestive disruption.
  • All our ingredients are vegan.
  • Our ingredients are all natural. We use superfoods like blue spirulina and goji to colour our gummies.

Where are the mushroom ingredients sourced?

Our mushroom ingredients are sourced from Asia and Siberia. While we regularly hear concern about mushroom products that come from Asia,

The mushroom ingredients we use are tested both in Asia and when they arrive in North America to confirm that they are potent and safe.

Our gummies are also tested at a third-party lab to ensure they do not contain any pollution contamination, heavy metals or solvents (alcohols).

Are the gummies kid friendly?

Mycelyum functional mushroom gummies are kid tested and kid approved! They have been sized and formulated so that kids can enjoy 1 gummy per day.  

Are the gummies pet friendly?

Mycelyum gummies are not pet friendly. We have pet products in the works, but they will be formulated to ensure there are no sugars or ingredients that are unsafe for your furry family.

What can I expect to "feel" taking the gummies?

You won't 'feel' different when you eat functional mushrooms. They do not alter your perceptions or consciousness.

The health improvements you may experience will differ based on the mushroom and your overall health.

Some basic health recommendations to ensure you get the most out of adding functional mushrooms to your diet are:

  • Stay hydrated. Water always makes our bodies work better.
  • Keep moving. Moderate exercise helps our organs and systems function properly and eliminate waste and toxins that can reduce our overall health.
  • Prioritize sleep. We live in an increasingly stressful world and sleep is when our body does it's daily repairs and maintenance. Without proper sleep, your body will never feel at its best.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Mostly vegetables, Healthy proteins and fats. Limit processed food, 'white' carbohydrates, and sweet foods. Any kind of sweetener or sugar replacement (Yup, stevia is included) increase our blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Are your gummies tested?

Our gummies are by a third party labs for their shelf life and food safety. They are also tested to ensure there are not heavy metals, toxins, or solvents (alcohols) in our ingredients or final products.

Is there caffeine in the gummies?

There is no caffeine in Mycelyum gummies.

Where can I buy your gummies?

Check out our list of retailers on our Retailer Map.