Will MYCELYUM gummies make me hallucinate?

All of our MYCELYUM mushroom gummies contain legal mushrooms that do not contain psilocybin or any other hallucinogenic properties. 

Are MYCELYUM mushroom products legal? 

Yes, all of the ingredients in our gummies are 100% legal with a long history of consumption in Canada. 

Can I take these products while pregnant or nursing?

Please consult your healthcare professional before consuming any MYCELYUM products if you are pregnant or nursing.

During pregnancy/nursing it is important to use caution and listen to your body when consuming strong natural herbs and mushrooms. This is the case when using any of the MYCELYUM products. Unfortunately, we cannot give any specific recommendations about which products to take.


Do you offer samples?

The best way to try our gummies is to say hello at events and markets. 

How many mushrooms can I take in each day? Can I combine mushrooms?

We recommend beginning with 2 gummies per day of any of the products, so you can get a feel for how each mushroom affects you.

Once you are comfortable with each mushroom, feel free to add the other mushroom gummies for a compounded positive effect!

What is the shelf life of products?

Storing all of your MYCELYUM products in cool, dark places will always help extend the shelf life of the gummies. As sealed packages, our gummies currently have a 12 month shelf life as verified by our 3rd party testing. All of our products have been tested for water activity and pH to ensure they are food safe and do not need to be refrigerated. . 

Each bag also has a batch number and product expiry date to ensure our batch production, ingredients and shelf life are traceable. 

What is the extraction process?

The mushrooms that go into our gummies go through a three step extraction process. They start with hot water and alcohol extractions with a final step to distill the extracts to a concentrated form of the mushroom polysaccharides.

Where are the mushroom ingredients sourced?

Our ingredients are sourced from Asia and Siberia. While we regularly hear concern about mushroom products that come from Asia, the products we use in our gummies are tested both in Asia and when they arrive in North America to confirm that they are potent and safe. We would not use them if we had any concerns that they contained pollution contamination, heavy metals or filler.

We are working on sourcing mushrooms from 100% Canadian suppliers because we prioritize supporting Canadian businesses as much as possible.


Are the gummies kid friendly?

MYCELYUM gummies are kid tested and kid approved! They have been sized and formulated so that kids can enjoy 1 gummy per day.  

Are the gummies pet friendly?

MYCELYUM gummies are not pet friendly. We have pet products in the works, but they will be formulated to ensure there are no sugars or ingredients that are unsafe for your furry family.

What can I expect to "feel" taking the gummies?

While the COGNITION with Lion's Mane gummies are felt by some people within an hour or two of taking them. Most people feel the effects of MYCELYUM gummies between 3-10 days. Like a lot of the health supplements we add to our diet, mushrooms may not feel like they change our immediate state of mind or being.  Our bodies are integrating the polysaccharides and their effects into our immune, nervous, hormonal, and digestive systems.

How much mushroom ingredient is in the gummies?

The majority of our gummies have 250mg of mushroom polysaccharides, our Reishi gummies contain 175mg of mushroom polysaccharides. We have formulated the amount of mushroom polysaccharides into our recipe to ensure we are within Health Canada's recommended daily intake and maximum of each mushroom. 

While commercial foods in Canada are allowed to have a +/- 20% of each ingredient, we want to make sure that every gummy has the healthiest impact possible so all of our products are made in small batches. 

Are the gummies safe for diabetics?

Our gummies contain sugar, so they Please consult your doctor before taking MYCELYUM products. 


Are the gummies safe for people with heart conditions?

If you have any health conditions, please consult your doctor before taking MYCELYUM products. 


Is there third party testing on the gummies?

Our gummies are tested by a food science company in Vancouver, BC for their stability and documented shelf life. 

What are the flavours?

Our flavours are currently lime, grape, blue raspberry, wildberry, and cola.


When is the best time of day to consume the gummies?

For Lion's Mane in the morning, Reishi before bed, and our other gummies can be enjoyed anytime of the day.


Is there caffeine in the gummies?

There is no caffeine in MYCELYUM gummies.


Where can I find the products near me?

We are currently focused on online sales.  You will also be able to find us at farmers' markets on the Sunshine Coast this summer.


Are your products vegan? Gluten free?

They are gluten free and produced on equipment that never comes into contact with gluten. We are currently working on vegan recipes.


Do the gummies contain any allergens?

Gelatin allergy is relatively rare. In clinical literature it is well described because many medications use gelatin as a stabilizer. Over-the-counter drugs are often packaged in gelatin capsules. Because gelatin is a meat derivative, gelatin allergies and meat allergies are often found in the same individual. Research has revealed that meat allergies can be triggered in previously non-allergic people by tick or chigger bites; if you live in a rural area, any unprecedented reaction to meats or gelatin should be reported to your doctor.

Mushrooms are a versatile and tasty addition to the diet, whether accenting foods or being the main meal. While many people enjoy mushrooms, this fungi can cause allergic reactions in a small percentage of people. Symptoms may arise from eating, inhaling or simply having skin contact with mushrooms. If you have a mushroom allergy, inform your doctor so you can understand how to prevent and treat reactions.


If I have a mold allergy, can I take your products?

Mushrooms are not considered a common food allergy, but if you're allergic to mold you may experience a food allergy when eating mushrooms. If mushrooms trigger an allergic reaction, the lining of the intestines can become inflamed and swell from increased levels of histamine. A mushroom allergy is a serious medical condition that needs to be evaluated by your doctor.