When are the Best Times to Eat Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are an easy add to your diet at any time of the day depending on the form of mushroom you are adding. 

According to dietary therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are some times of day when each mushroom best connections with our bodies' daily processes. They also can fit into our daily routines based on the boosts we are looking for.


Morning. Reishi is great for calming nerves and reducing anxiety. Start your day with a few gummies to add some zen to your day.

Evening. If you are looking for sleep support, enjoying a few gummies before bed can help calm your nervous system to keep you asleep throughout the night.

Anytime. If stressful or anxious moments pop out of the blue, our Reishi gummies can help calm your nerves to help you proactively manage those stressors.

Lion's Mane

Morning. Lion's Mane is a great way to brighten the start of your day. 

Evening. Lion's Mane can make some people sleepy, so a few gummies before bed can improve your overall memory. and cognition while helping you get a good night's sleep.

Anytime. Lion's Mane can add sparks of creativity and focus to your day. Enjoy a few gummies to focus on a project, add concentration to your day and spark some new ideas.

Turkey Tail

Anytime. Turkey Tail is great for supporting gut health and our immune system, so enjoying a few gummies any time of the day will help both!


Morning. Chaga is a great energetic boost that can start your day off right. Replace your coffee with a few gummies and get energy that doesn't give you a caffeine crash later.

Anytime (except the evening). Chaga is also a great energy booster throughout the day, but avoid eating our Chaga gummies in the evening as they may keep you up.


Anytime. Cordyceps are another energy booster that are a great add to your morning routine, pre-workout regime or as a treat anytime of the day.